Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (2022-2026)

The Economic Development Administration (EDA) requires that each Economic Development District produce a CEDS every five years. This ensures that each district maintains an up-to-date strategy to establish economic goals, address challenges facing their respective region, and guide development priorities. The CEDS process drives districts to examine the region they serve, innovate new ways of supporting development in that region, and stipulate specific metrics for measuring success. Hence, the CEDS process, not just the final strategy document, is critical for districts.

The DDCT Board updated the most recent CEDS between 2021-2022 and the plan was approved by the DDCT on January 6, 2022.

CEDS Action Plan Solutions are continuously evaluated and updated as necessary by the Board to ensure continuous and comprehensive planning for the region.

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (2022-2026)CEDS Action Plan Matrix